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DEAP's planning team will present information on the next step in the application process at the monthly Red Lake Chapter meeting (2/19/2014 at 6 pm). Please attend to learn more. We will also discuss the GMCS school board's latest decision to vote against DEAP's development and what it means for the application. As always, send us any questions or concerns! 

We have submitted a Notice of Intent to Submit a Charter to the New Mexico Public Education Department and the local Gallup McKinley County School District. 

You can also view the Notice of Intent on the NMPED website:

The name of our hopeful school is Dzil Dit Looi School of Empowerment, Action and Perseverance (DEAP). We chose this name to pay homage to our roots and hopes for our future. We are very excited to continue the application process. Please look for future updates regarding community outreach and updates. 


We spent most of this cold windy day, doing some outreach within Navajo. We visited people in Red Lake Acres Housing, Spruce Street and Lone Pine. It was great hearing everyone's opinion on education. We look forward to visiting other neighborhoods to help strengthen our vision for education in Red Lake-Navajo. 

We also passed out the following brochures. 
Take a look and send us any other questions you have! 

Please come to our next community discussion. We will discuss the technical aspects of the charter school development as well as explore planning ideas. Your input is valued. Dinner will be provided to all that attend. 
Tonight's meeting was very inspiring. We started the afternoon with the finalization of the educational needs and hopes survey during the work group meeting.

 At 6 pm, we engaged in the community around several topics: agriculture and animal science, Diné philosophy, language and culture, vocational and technical options, school leadership and charter schools. 

To engage the community and committee,  I prepared a video to highlight the history of the Red Lake-Navajo area. Watch it below.
 The minutes and summaries from each meeting and focus group will be available by next Tuesday. Our next community meeting is scheduled for 11/18/2013 at 6 pm at the Red Lake Chapter.
On Friday, October 11, 2013, the Red Lake-Navajo Charter Planning Group invites community members to visit two charter schools in action. If you would like to attend, please contact K.Begay at 505-488-3170. See the following agenda for more info. 

The field trip was very successful. We were able to see how culture, language and identity are the foundation of the educational experience at NACA. In the afternoon, we were able to see how agriculture plays an important role at the South Valley Academy School. South Valley's Dragon Farm fused agriculture, creativity and community. See the following pictures for some inspiration!

South Valley Academy 
Dragon Farm

Please see the minutes for our 3rd meeting on 10/14/2013.